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Budget Campervan hire New Zealand

Located 2.5 km from Auckland Airport and 9 km from Christchurch Airport.
Our Auckland office is located at 12 Pavilion Drive, Mangere. It's only 2 km from Auckland Airport.
Our Christchurch office is located at 3 Doric way Islington, Christchurch. It's 9 km from Christchurch Airport.

We provide budget campervan hire and backpacker car rental in Auckland and Christchurch, New Zealand.  Hire New Zealand campervans with the cheap prices including roadside assistance, GST (sales tax), insurance and unlimited km.

Rental Car Village is a family owned and operated, we've been hiring campervans and rental car in New Zealand for over 15 years. Our unique Campervans hire feature an awning to give extra room. Our New Zealand campervans are available for hire in Auckland and Christchurch.

Our Auckland office is located about 2 kilometers from Auckland Airport. It's only 5 minutes to travel from Auckland Airport to Rental Car Village Airport branch.

Campervans Hire Auckland Campervan Hire Christchistchurch

Auckland Campervans
Only 5 minutes from the Auckland Airport
12 Pavilion Drive, Mangere, Auckland

Christchurch Campervans
9 km from the Christchurch Airport

3 Doric Way, Waterloo Business Park, Islington, Christchurch City


Backpacker campervan hire New zealand

Micro Campervan: 2 berth, 1.5 L with five seatbelts
Budget backpacker travellers will enjoy this low cost camper hire, featuring curtains, a sleeping platform with a double bed (two single mattresses) and portable gas cooker. Our unique New Zealand campervan for hire includes an awning for standing room. Two people can sleep comfortably inside the campervan with the awning attached, or with all the doors closed and locked.

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Budget campervan Hire New Zealand, Cheap Campervan hire Auckland, Campervan rental Christchurch

Economy Campervan hire New Zealand :2 berth, 1.8 L with three seat belts
Economy Campervan rental NZ features a double gas cooker , cabinet with fold down table, and a day sofa. Day Sofa pulls out to become a Double Bed. Place one mattress on the carpet to provide Two Single Beds (at different heights)

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Insurance (included): Standard excess is $3,000
Our insurance policy is very simple; if you have an accident, you are required to pay a maximum of $3,000. This covers both single vehicle and multiple vehicle accidents. A Credit or debit card bond is required, and you can drive on sealed roads only (no driving on unsealed roads).

Zero Excess (optional): $22 per day or maximum $590 per hire
If you have an accident, you do not have to pay anything. This also covers multiple tyre punctures and one windscreen. No bond is required, and you can drive on both sealed and unsealed roads.

All our budget New Zealand campervans contain:
One double or two single beds, kitchen cooking/eating utensils, water container, 240 volt power connection for holiday parks and a hanging light. Travel by campervan hire in New Zealand with a weather proof awning, it fits over the rear door providing standing room. 

Sleep inside all our New Zealand buget campervan rentals with awning attached, or with all the doors closed.  A mosquito net fits over the passenger window to provide a fresh breeze at night.

Cheap New Zaland Campervan hire optional extras including a fridge, coolbox, dvd player with free movies, solar shower, linen pack, out door table with chairs and GPS for hire.

New Zealand Campervans

New Zealand Budget Campervan hire and Backpakcer car hire

Sun, sand, surf; New Zealand campervan hire can help you achieve this in your summer road trip. Whether you are spending months in New Zealand or just a few weeks, New Zealand campervan hire can work for all your needs.

New Zealand Campervan hire allows a relaxing and flexible trip as you can choose to stay as long as you desire in one area. New Zealand Campervans are very convenient as they are not only your transport around New Zealand but also your accommodation, quickly becoming your ‘home away from home’.

Meeting other travellers in the same situation as you is made easy with New Zealand campervan hire; your mode of transport and accommodation is a great introductory conversation starter. Find out from others where the best camping spots may be and what attractions they have been to visit. Who knows you may find activities that hadn’t thought of yet.

New Zealand campervan are a fantastic way to see the whole of New Zealand. If your holidays going fantastically and you don’t want it to stop yet, just extend your New Zealand Campervan hire and depending on availability continue your kiwi and attitude.


Rental Car Village - New Zealand Campervan hire
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Campervan hire Auckland Airport: 12 Pavilion Drive, Mangere, Auckland, New Zealand
campervan hire Christchurch: 3 Doric Way, Waterloo Business Park, Islington, Christchurch City, New Zealand
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24 hour roadside assisstance

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